Welcome to Solid Gold Gem AM

In 2012 a group of professional radio dee-jays who had worked on stations from the 1970s to the 1990s decided to create a classic ‘oldies’ station, based on the East Midlands station GEM-AM which many of them had been on originally back in the 1980s. They felt there were no stations playing the variety of songs people from their generations truly loved – the ‘core’ years of pop music that appeared with the vinyl single from 1958, through the golden years of the 60s and 70s, and early 80s, before the generation who liked ‘electronic pop’. The dee-jays founded the on-line station Solid Gold GEM AM.

Solid Gold GEM AM combines elements from the best radio stations of the 60s and 70s eras, with the biggest library of any UK station - a mix of hits, ‘turntable hits’, classic album tracks and forgotten songs that now sound like hits – so ‘everything Gold Is New Again’! The on-air team bind this together with nostalgic jingles and features such as ‘the Golden Year’, and ‘Two’s Company’. A ‘magic ingredient’ is that we are commercial free!

Solid Gold GEM AM is now one of the most respected on-line oldies stations. Our team of deejays is larger than any UK commercial station, and having been a part of the industry for many years, everyone donates their services for free. Our studios are in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, also Canada, the USA and Portugal.

Using modern technology, every day we ‘turn back the clock’ to a truly golden age to re-create radio as it was when the songs in our library were new. Solid Gold Gem AM is ‘radio like it used to be’. But for optimum listening, as well as your computer you can hear us using a Wi-Fi or internet radio, and by downloading our APP for your mobile phone. Our only other concession to the modern world is that we use Facebook and Twitter to stay in touch with our select band of listeners – we are not here to appeal to the ‘masses’. Please do ‘follow’ us to see what each of our team is featuring, and what is on later in the day or week. Like the great stations of UK commercial radio’s heyday we broadcast from early morning to late at night and then close down!

Solid Gold Gem AM – is a breath of fresh air, or as we say....
"It's radio like it used to be".

Here's just a few of the great songs we played recently.